Good reasons to canoe!

Why choose canoeing?

Here are some of the advantages, benefits and pleasures that can be gained from canoeing.


  • Canoeing is rewarding, stimulating and great fun for all… children and adults!
  • Experience the natural world in a new way, see the flora, fauna and landscape from a different perspective.
  • Enjoy a different mode of travel, often silent and tranquil and environmentally friendly!

  • Learn a new set of skills and techniques.
  • Enjoy a range of health and fitness benefits. Canoeing develops cardio respiratory capacity, muscular endurance, strength and coordination, it contributes to general physical fitness and well-being.
  • Effective and efficient paddling technique is fairly easily learned, although tuition and guidance from a good teacher is highly desirable!
  • Canoes can be used on a wide variety of water, placid rivers, white water and rapid rivers, lakes, sea, estuaries.
  • Canoes are roomy, comfortable and fairly stable and offer a variety of paddling positions.  They can be paddled solo or double, and even sailed. They can easily carry a load, for example, a picnic, spare clothes and camping gear.

To sum up; from riverside picnics with family and friends, a silent paddle under the light of a full moon, the descent of a white foaming rocky rapid, to the exploration of tiny tidal creeks and wilderness camping trips, the open canoe does it all and much more.       

We would like to share our passion and enthusiasm for this activity with you and introduce you to a lifetime of paddling pleasure!